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// The Pants//

I dieeeeeeeeeeee for these pants.  Could possibly be DIYed into a sort of sad facsimile of the real thing if I were willing to spend a bit more time and money than usual (aka some money and more than 10 mins) but the real thing is so much better.  As usual I find myself asking when I will suddenly become fabulously rich…

For several reasons, I had decided not to speak - or speak  in spirit- today. One of the reasons  being that I was embarking on —as I would rationalize it to myself— an all consuming journey to the other side of the world. Another of which —and probably the more inhibiting of the two, being that I had no idea how to, in a few words, sum up all that was “Sam. ” But as I was huffing and puffing through the alps by snowshoe today, I realized that I was looking at this eulogy business all wrong. Nobody’s words can summarize a life or capture the spirit of the one who lived it! Least of all me -someone who knows nothing about the Sam pre- 1991. So what I’ll do is tell you what Ido know about my grandfather. I knew my grandpa Sam as a man of small but inavaluable sacrifices.  Though i was only four or five, I remember clearly the time that Sam skewered the eyes of his lobster with a toothpick and popped them nonchalantly into his mouth. He told us kids that it was what they would have done in the military. I imagine though that even soldiers have their limits— and to Sam eating the eyes of a lobster was a small price to pay- a small sacrifice if you will- in order to illicite the gasps and shrieks that surely ensued. I remember also, the many trips we took to Florida together when I was young. I desperately wanted someone to swim with me in that lovely oasis of a swimming pool, but of course, my brothers found me repellent at the time and the adults had to “warm up first” — a process that apparently takes many hours and usually doesn’t occur until the pool has closed for the night. Sam however would swim with me until my floaties lost air. Then there were also the many Christmases we spent tearing through presents never properly appreciating just how much thought  had been put into each purchase. I can just picture Sam deliberating in the aisles of Walmart thinking hard about which makeup set would most likely send me over the moon. And exactly how he calculated which sparkly glosses and shimmery shadows would do the trick, ill never know.  And it was things like this- the lobster eyes, the days spent in the swimming pool, the hours spent pondering lipgloss, that made my grandfather mine.  So Thank you Sam for all your small sacrifices. I know you made some big ones too—fighting for the fate of the free world and all that— but in my  world, the small ones made all the difference.

"It was one of my more brilliant ideas, and between you and me, that’s saying something."

-albus dumbledore on my behalf 


i painted on these green bits with model paint.  im not sure how crazy i am about it yet.. i have some outfit designing to do before i submit my final judgement though

****notice how its lazily draped beside my alexander mcqueen book. #FASHINS <3

auntie melanie got me this incred belt buckle for christmas. I saphire-silked an old belt of mine and hinged it all  together

beautious 30 dolla necklace

beautious 30 dolla necklace

P.S. to my leetle Meeah… these are from Elle France.  Bon voyage!  May you be more inspired by the sartorial choices of the Grenoble-ites than I am by the Santiaguinos- as though anything else were possible.  We’ll be expecting very chic posts from our French correspondent, BTW.  Keep a special eye on the headgear for me.  Because I’m SURE you’ll have SOOO much free time to post, right??? Right????  Don’t sully the good name of the Edies now when we’ve obviously been so very successful (just check how many followers we have), or our only hope may be that Charlotte finally sees how she’s been immortalized up here and is chastened into becoming an avid blogger.